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Welcome to Creative Souls Dance, where the magic of movement comes alive! We are a dynamic dance company that operates under the mantra “believe you can do more,” committed to providing high-quality instruction in a variety of dance styles for both kids and adults. Our mission is to inspire, empower, and foster a love for dance in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Our instructors are not only highly skilled but are deeply passionate about sharing the joy of dance and are committed to nurturing talent, building confidence, and creating a supportive community for all dancers. We celebrate diversity and welcome dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Our classes are designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone and our studio is a place where you can be yourself and shine. For those who love the stage, we offer various performance opportunities throughout the year, allowing students to showcase their talents. Our modern dance studio provides a safe, inspiring, and comfortable space for learning and growth.

  • Creative Movement: Designed for young imaginations, this class sparks creativity through a combination of playful games, storytelling, music, and guided movement, where kids can develop coordination, spatial awareness, and body awareness.

  • Jazz: Energetic and dynamic, our jazz classes focus on developing coordination, rhythm, and confidence in a fun and supportive environment.

  • Hip Hop: Let loose and express yourself in our hip hop classes, where you can groove to the latest beats and unleash your creativity in our high-energy hip hop classes.

  • Acro: Combining dance with acrobatic elements, our acro classes help build strength, flexibility, and agility in a safe and nurturing setting.

  • Ballroom: Discover the beauty of partner dancing in our ballroom classes, where you'll learn classic styles and modern variations in Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and more.

  • Social Dance: Join us for social dance classes and learn a variety of partner dances such as Salsa, Bachata, and Hustle in a relaxed, social setting where connections are formed on the dance floor.

  • Heels: Boost your confidence and express your inner diva in our heels dance classes, designed to empower and inspire.

  • Burlesque: Unleash your sensual side and explore the art of burlesque in our empowering and body-positive classes.

  • Zumba: Have a blast while staying fit with our high-energy Zumba classes, blending Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow dance moves.


Join us at Creative Souls Dance and let's dance, connect, and grow together! Whether you're a child discovering the joy of movement or an adult looking to explore new styles, we have a class that's perfect for you. Come dance with us and experience the magic of self-expression, creativity, and community.

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